Thursday, April 17, 2014


Boston is one of those bands that whether you like them or not, you should at least be able to recognize them and familiar with some of their (iconic) work. Granted, I spent most of my youth getting them confused with the sounds of Foreigner and Journey (kind of), and bands with other city/place names -- Kansas, Chicago, etc... and so I was never really that impressed or enthusiastic about them. But they really do have a decent list of hits that if you've listened to a classic rock station at all, then you've heard them at least once: More than a Feeling, Peace of Mind, Rock & Roll Band, Smokin', Something About You, and Foreplay/Longtime...

So, the cool thing about Boston is that they are totally 80s arena rock, but since they started in the mid-70s they still have a lot more similarities with the classic rock bands than traditional hair bands or whatever. They have a slight hint of southern rock in their occasional use of "twang" on the guitar, that keeps their slower jams from sounding like blander rock ballads. And I still can't figure out if that's legitimately an organ, or just a keyboard in all their songs; I've only recently noticed how prevalent it is, but somehow it blends so well with everything else. I think the iconic parts of Boston, however, are the vocals and guitar. That guys voice sounds like butter, but like powerful epic butter that I can't help but sing along with - especially when he harmonizes with the backup! And then the guitar - man, it's good. And what makes their songs so interesting is that they structure them so it's a careful balance between rhythm guitar or simple riffs that repeat and build into these ridiculous solo sessions that could melt your face of with their awesomeness!

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Best Song:
For once, this is an easy decision for me. Granted, their hits are all hits for a reason - they are all truly great songs. But Foreplay/Longtime is actually one of the best classic rock songs I've ever heard.That's a pretty hefty claim, but here's my justification - that song successfully features everything I love about classic rock...It's seven minutes long, and each portion of the song could be it's own successful hit, but instead it's this chaotic awesomeness that just won't quit.

It starts with power guitar and keyboard session, with the drums in the back just going nuts...then, suddenly quiet...and it starts back up ever so softly, the hum of the guitar, which then breaks out into it's own solo...queue sweet vocals...then it's like this weird acoustic guitar clapping thing that's all folksy and cool...and then put it all together with more aggressive singing...another guitar solo (yay!)...more vocals, but you can tell it's building again to something great...but instead they pause and go back to the acoustic awesomeness...yet another guitar solo thing that just goes crazy again...another verse...and it just goes back and forth until it all blends and plays on top of each other, then slow fade out...whew! ...Seriously. This song has everything!

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"Rock and Roll Band"




  1. Powerful, epic butter. NICE phrasing!

  2. I know right?! I couldn't think of anything better to describe it...also, I've decided this is my contribution to #tbt. heheh