Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Update & Tired Pony

So. I haven't really been listening to music lately. Admittedly, it didn't help when my favorite radio station changed formats and became awful (I miss you Alice 102!!). And Morrissey didn't help.

So I now sit in the office in the quiet. Silence. All day. Occasionally I'll have music on in the car, but not a lot.

The good news is that I'm recovering.

Every now and then I turn on Pandora. Or Amazon's Music Library (they have free music for Prime members, which I highly recommend taking advantage of). And if I hear a certain Police song I find myself singing along. I've also taken to soundtracks again, particularly Lord of the Rings (for the record, I'm also updating my old blog again: Geek Yogurt). I used to have those CDs flippin' memorized!

Anywho. I'm getting better.

I will post more bands/artists again.

For now, I recommend Tired Pony.

Something about their vocal harmonies that woke me up and made me thing about things, and be like "hmm, remember when I loved music? I guess I could do that again."

Tired Pony is a super band. Made up of people from other already-famous bands, especially the guy from Snow Patrol. And I know, you're thinking, "Snow Patrol? Really?" One, I say give them a chance. Two, I say they are actually surprisingly good.

My two favorite songs are "All Things All At Once" and "I Don't Want You As A Ghost". Highly recommend. Just chill, make you feel something, music. I'm going back to the basics, I guess.

Here's a pic:
Album art, woo!

Can I interest you in a video?


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